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Contact us for support

Contact us for support

The Hathershaw College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.

The College’s first priority is the welfare of our students.  We are committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the students entrusted to our care and we believe that all staff can play a vital role in keeping children safe at the College. 

We recognise that some children may be victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse and that all of the staff are well placed to identify such abuse and to offer support to children in need.


In order to protect children at The Hathershaw College, we will: 

  • Create an atmosphere where all our students feel secure, valued and listened to
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse (in all its forms)
  • Respond quickly and effectively to all cases of suspected abuse and neglect


Our College will support all students by: 

  • Encouraging self-esteem and self-assertiveness whilst not condoning aggression or bullying
  • Promoting a caring, safe and positive environment within the College
  • Promoting 'The Three Rs'
  • Creating a Safeguarding Procedure that is easy for students to understand



The above poster is displayed all around the school and on the internal VLE should students have any concerns. All students should be able to talk to somebody about their problems and we have a dedicated team of people specifically aimed at safeguarding who offer students the opportunity to speak to them on a range of issues that they may have.

For more detailed information, please visit our 'Safeguarding Policy' page.



Mrs Baker - nba@hathershaw.org.uk  Assistant Principal (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr Harwood - phw@hathershaw.org.uk Deputy DSL 

Mr Giles - mgi@hathershaw.org.uk Principal

Mrs Daniels - adn@hathershaw.org.uk Year 7 Manager 

Mrs Oliver - ao@hathershaw.org.uk Year 8 Manager

Miss Lawton - jla@hathershaw.org.uk Year 9 Manager

Mrs Blundell - sbl@hathershaw.org.uk Year 10 Manager

Mrs McAiney - lmc@hathershaw.org.uk Year 11 Manager

Mrs Ellis - je@hathershaw.org.uk Lead First Aider 

Mrs Roberts - srs@hathershaw.org.uk Attendance Officer 

Miss Hall - jhl@hathershaw.org.uk Attendance Officer