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Don't let the stress of exams get to you. Be prepared for them!

  • Know when and where your exams (see the exam noticeboard on the main corridor)
  • Take what you need into the exams
  • Listen to the instructions given by the staff
  • Follow the rules of the exam board
  • Just remember to stay calm and do the best you can!
  • You can use our Top Revision Tips page to help you with your exams.
  • Stay in control using the top tips from GCSEPod on ‘How to deal with exam stress
  • Have a look at the advice from other students in the ‘Tips from fellow students’ leaflet


Internal Mock Exams 2021-22




 Monday 10th - Friday 21st January 2022


 Monday 7th - Friday 18th March 2022

More detailed timetables for each year group will be available from the VLE nearer the specified date.

External Exam Timetables

PDF icon External Exam Timetable - Exams CANCELLED

PDF icon GCSE Contingency Day Letter


Rules & Regulations

Information for candidates for written examinations and on-screen exams can be found in these documents. They list the rules for the exams; what you can and can’t bring in to an exam, what to do if you’re feeling poorly during an exam etc.:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Written Exams

PDF icon Information for Candidates - On Screen Exams


The following documents tell you about some things that you must and must not do when you are completing your Non-Examination Assessments and Coursework. They mention good practice in preparing your work, research and using references, plagiarism and penalties for breaking the rules:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - New GCSE Non-Examination Assessments

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Coursework


This document details the information about you the awarding bodies need to collect and how the exam boards use it:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice


This leaflet contains information for candidates when using social media during examinations/ assessments. It has been written to help you stay within examination regulations and makes you aware of what might constitute malpractice and the penalties that awarding bodies may apply:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Social Media


Useful Information

This comprehensive document details valuable advice for examinations held at Hathershaw College. You should read this document carefully prior to your exams:

PDF icon Student and Parent Guidance from The Hathershaw College


The Hathershaw College Examinations policy:

PDF icon Examinations Policy

PDF icon Examination Contingency Plan


If you need any more information, please speak to Mrs Gordon -email mq@hathershaw.org.uk


Your teacher assessed grades have been produced in school with the intention of you receiving a fair, reasonable, and carefully considered grade that the evidence supports. Nevertheless, some of you may feel in August that you have not received the correct grade. In these circumstances you have a right to appeal. Please read the below documents carefully which sets out the appeals process at Hathershaw College. This has been written to explain how the national system that is in operation this summer applies to you.

Please be advised that the deadline for Appeals submission is 27th August 2021.

Appeals Process Letter

Appeals Process Flow Chart

The Hathershaw College Centre Policy

Appeal Form: Stage 1 - Centre Review