Hathershaw College

Staff List and Contacts


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Staff List and Contacts

Please find a list of Staff and their contact emails below.  Alternatively you can download a PDF list opposite.




Email Address

 Mr Ahmed

 PE Technician


 Miss Akhtar

 Teacher of English


 Mrs Vickery

 Teacher of Science


 Mr Ali

 Data and Assessment Manager


 Miss Allan

 Teacher of Geography


 Mrs Asghar

 Teacher of Maths


 Ms Bailey



 Mrs Bailey

 Teacher of Science


 Mrs Baker

 Curriculum Leader of Technology


 Mr Barber

 PE Teacher/Least Able Champion


 Ms Bisztricsanyi

 Learning Support Assistant


 Mrs Blundell

 Year Manager


 Mrs Young

 Teacher of French


 Mrs Bradbury-Hughill

 Lead Teacher of MFL


 Miss Briscoe

 Teacher of PE


 Mrs Budsworth

 Design and Technology Technician


 Mr Burke

 Improving Literacy Coordinator


 Mrs Green

 Year 7 Maths Coordinator


 Mrs Burnett

 Curriculum Leader of HRC


 Mr Butterworth

 KS4 Lead Teacher of Maths


 Miss Chamberlain

 Science Teacher


 Miss Cheema

 Teacher of English


 Miss Connor

 Teacher of Geography


 Miss Cooke

 Teaching Assistant of Science


 Mrs Cooper



 Mrs Cull

 Assistant Principal


 Miss Curran

 Teacher of Maths


 Mr Dalton

 Lead Teacher of History


 Mr Daniels

 VLE & Web Manager


 Miss Davey

 Faculty Support Assistant


 Mr Davies

 Community & Sports Centre Officer


 Miss Dawson

 Lead Teacher of Music


 Mrs Dawson

 Lead Teacher of Product Design


 Mrs Disley

 Educational Communicator


 Mrs Dobson

 Attendance Officer


 Mrs Easton

 Assistant Principal


 Mr Edghill

 Year Manager





Email Address

 Mrs Ellis

 Teaching Assistant EAL


 Mrs Ellis

 Hospitality and Lunchtime Manager


 Miss Fazal

 Teacher of Science


 Miss Fitzgerald

 SIMS/Finance Administrator


 Miss Forwood

 English Teacher


 Mrs Freeman

 Teaching Assistant of Humanities


 Miss Fricker-Harrison

 Teaching Assistant of Technology


 Mr Giles



 Mr Gillen

 KS3 Assistant Lead Teacher of Maths


 Mrs Goodwin

 Curriculum Leader of Science


 Miss Goulding

 French Teacher


 Mr Grantham

 Lead Teacher of Chemistry


 Mr Hackett

 Teacher of English


 Mr Haque

 Maths Achievement Leader


 Miss Harewood

 Lead Teacher of RE


 Mr Harwood

 Attendance & Family Liason Officer


 Mr Holban

 IT Technician


 Mrs Griffiths

 Lead Teacher of MFL


 Miss Hunt

 Principal’s PA


 Miss Hussain

 Teacher of Technology


 Mrs Hutton

 Student Support Manager


 Mrs Jackson

 Faculty Support Assistant


 Miss Jackson

 Science/Art Faculty Technician


 Mrs James

 Learning Support Assistant


 Miss Johnson

 AST English


 Miss Kent

 Lead Teacher of Geography and Travel & Tourism


 Mr Logan

 Senior Vice Principal


 Mr Lomas



 Mrs Lott

 Teacher of English


 Miss Majeed

 Teacher of Science


 Miss Masheter

 Teacher of Science


 Miss Matthews

 Teaching Assistant of Expressive Arts





Email Address

 Mrs McAiney

 Right Choice Centre Manager


 Mrs McDonald

 Lunchtime Assistant


 Miss McElduff

 Design & Technology Teacher


 Mr McEnroe

 ICT Support Technician


 Mrs McWhirter

 Teacher of the Deaf


 Mrs Melia

 Learning Support Assistant


 Mr Miah

 Teacher of Maths


 Mrs Mills

 Curriculum Leader of Expressive & performing Arts


 Ms Mir

 Lead Teacher of Biology


 Miss Mokliak

 Educational Communicator


 Mrs Moran

 Educational Communicator


 Mr Morton

 Assistant SENCO


 Miss Wood

 AST of Maths


 Miss Nazir

 Lead Teacher of History and Citizenship


 Mr Nightingale

 Senior Science Technician


 Mrs Nutall

 Teaching Assistant of Technology


 Miss Oakley

 Lunchtime Assistant


 Mrs Oliver

 Year Manager


 Miss Oliver

 English Learning Support Assistant


 Mr Oliver



 Mr Osbaldeston

 Site Manager


 Miss Partridge

 Educational Communicator


 Mrs Pellowe

 AST of Maths


 Mr Phelan

 Learning Support Assistant of PE


 Miss Philip

 Community and Essential Skills Co-ordinator


 Miss Pollitt

 Educational Communicator


 Mr Potts

 Curriculum Leader of Humanities


 Miss Prince

 Educational Communicator


 Mrs Gordon

 Examinations Officer


 Mr Raza

 Year Manager


 Mr Rehman

 Curriculum Leader of ICT


 Mr Rehman

 Science Teacher


 Miss Robinson

 Curriculum Leader of PE


 Miss Rowland

 Teacher of French


 Mrs Russell

 Curriculum Leader of English


 Miss Saddiq

 Lead Teacher of Computing


 Mrs Sager

 Attendance & Family Liaison Officer


 Mrs Sainsbury

 PA to Vice Principals/Pastoral Administrator


 Miss Sarsfield

 Teacher of Food Tech.


 Ms Shad

 English AST






Email Address

 Mrs Smedley

 Key Stage 2 Teacher


 Miss Smedley

 Educational Communicator


 Mrs Smithies

 Teaching Assistant in ICT


 Mrs Stafford

 KS4 Lead Teacher of English Language


 Mr Stewardson

 Lead Teacher of Core PE/Most Able Coordinator


 Mrs Stirrup

 Lunchtime Assistant


 Mr Swailes

 KS3 Lead Teacher of Expressive Arts


 Mrs Sykes

 Business Manager 


 Mrs Tennent

 Learning Support Assistant


 Mr Travis

 Vice Principal/Designated Safeguarding Lead


 Ms Trivedi

 Educational Communicator


 Mrs Travis

 Teaching Assistant in Science


 Mr Turner

 Senior Technology Technician


 Mrs Van-Zandt

 Educational Communicator


 Miss Vickers

 Teacher of Music


 Mr Wall

 Lead Teacher of Media Studies


 Mrs Waters

 Lead Teacher of Business Studies


 Miss Webb

 Year Manager


 Miss Webster

 Teacher of Product Design


 Mr Williams

 Lead Teacher of Psychology


 Mrs Williams

 Assistant Principal


 Mr Woods

 ICT Services Manager




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PDF icon Staff List and Contacts