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Hearing Resource Centre



The Hearing Resource Centre is a unique secondary resource for hearing-impaired students in Oldham. The centre caters for students with a range of hearing losses who require support to access the curriculum. Teachers of the deaf and educational communicators support the students both in class and in the centre.

We have a student centred approach to communication using English, Sign-Supported English or British Sign Language. The Hearing Resource Centre at Hathershaw enables students to reach their potential.

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"Pupils in the hearing resource centre make good progress because of the high quality support that they receive."

- Ofsted 2016  

“The Hearing Resource Centre is a strength of the academy, making a strong contribution to the lives and achievement of the students that it supports. Some have gone on to gain pre-GCSE, GCSE and Advanced-level qualifications and take up university places.”  

- Ofsted 2014 

"High-quality support ensures that hearing-impaired students are fully integrated into lessons; these students appreciate greatly the help they receive in developing their communication skills."

- Ofsted 2010  


Our Provision Includes

  • Full time specialist trained staff who are experienced in working with children with a hearing impairment (includes two qualified Teachers of the Deaf who are permanently on-site).
  • Immediate response to faults on cochlear implant processors, hearing aids and radio aids as specialist audiological support is available on site.
  • A student centred approach to communication using English, Signed Supported English or BSL.
  • All individual work e.g. speech and language sessions, pre and post tutorial sessions carried out in an acoustically treated centre.
  • Full support across the curriculum from an Educational Communicator including pastoral care.
  • Pre and post tutorial sessions provided in the centre by the Educational Communicator who has consistency of support.
  • Teaching in the centre provided by teachers of the deaf.
  • Supportive school staff that are able to deliver deaf friendly teaching.
  • Good acoustic conditions across the school.
  • The support of a deaf peer group.
  • A form group who are provided with sessions on deaf awareness and have opportunities to learn signing in form period.
  • Access to PCs, laptops and iPads in the centre. Hathershaw has excellent ICT facilities in all departments across the school.
  • Opportunities for termly parent drop-in sessions to informally meet other parents, HRC staff and to look at students’ work.
  • Open College of Sign Language Courses Levels 1-3 for students, staff and proffessionals from other agencies who work with deaf children.
  • A range of extra-curricular activities in addition to those provided by school, including Outdoor Education, Music and the Deaf, Fun Science at Oldham Sixth Form College and Ability Counts Sports events. 


Comments from Students Past & Present

"I like this school because of the help I get from the HRC staff."

Zach – Year 8


"The support I get is fantastic!"

Cristina – Year 7


"The support in the HRC is absolutely brilliant and I could not ask for better support from the communicators."

Haaris – Year 10


"I like my Communicator using sign language in class. It helps me to understand what the teacher is saying."

Laibah – Year 11


"I like being with other deaf students. The staff look after us."

Nahin - Year 11


"I love receiving the help I need and the staff are fantastic!"

Azizur - Year 11


"I really enjoyed my time in Hathershaw HRC and had the best understanding and kindest teachers. I felt safe and very happy. I learnt such a lot in my lessons and I really miss coming to school."

Joshua - Ex-student studying Art & Design at Hopwood Hall College


"HRC is a fantastic place for all deaf students in Hathershaw College because they have full access to education along with pre and post learning. The staff are incredible and helped me to achieve better grades in my GCSEs and it boosted my confidence. I left the school with excellent GCSE results."

Shohan - Ex-student studying Biomedical Science at Manchester Metropolitan University

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Contact Name: Mrs C Burnett
Telephone: 0161 770 8560

E-mail Address: cb@hathershaw.org.uk